Cameras: HD Over Coax Upgrade

Upgrade Your Camera System with Cascadia Electrical Solutions

Colorless, grainy pictures are a thing of the past.

There are loads of reasons to take those old, yellowed cameras and toss them out in favor of a new high definition video surveillance system.


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How does Cascadia Electrical Solutions do it?


Siamese Cable used for old cameras
Most old cameras use coaxial cable to transmit their video signal.

In most cases, Cascadia Electrical Solutions can use your existing camera wiring to provide you with a cost-effective upgrade, cutting out the expenses associated with running new cabling for a new camera system.






upgrade your equipment
All our cameras are IP67 rated and our dome cameras are rated IK10 for impact resistance.

Once we verify that your wiring can be used there are two parts to replace: The cameras themselves and the DVR to which they are connected.






Tribrid DVRs can be a cost-effective solution
Tribrid DVRs allow you to take advantage of analog, HD over Coax, and IP cameras, all on one device.

The DVRs used by Cascadia Electrical Solutions are “Tribrid” DVRs that support not only HD over Coax cameras but also old analog and new IP cameras. This means that if a complete system replacement is not affordable you have the option of a partial system upgrade, saving you money while giving you access to the features available with a new DVR such as remote viewing.




Who can Take Advantage?

Contact Cascadia Electrical Solutions to see if we can help.


We suggest HD over Coax upgrades for any person or business currently using old analog cameras for their CCTV needs. Contact us today to set up a free site survey to see if your set up will work to bring your cameras up-to-date.

HD over Coax Upgrades are not for Everyone

Sometimes a camera system is too old or uses a proprietary connection technology that makes it impossible to upgrade. Don’t worry! In these situations we recommend a complete cabling upgrade to take advantage of the newest technology in cameras: IP cameras. Head over to Video Surveillance for more information!