Video Surveillance

When something happens it helps to have evidence.

Picture this situation: You’re expecting a package to arrive at any moment when something comes up that demands your attention. While you’re busy the package arrives and the delivery guy leaves it on the front porch. Amazon sends you that email saying your package was delivered but, when you check, there’s nothing there!

With a video surveillance system you’ll know when it got there and, if it was stolen, who stole it–with a crystal clear image of their face to boot.

Video Surveillance makes your world safer.

Unfortunately the above scenario is just one of many that happen on an all too common basis. From garden variety package thieves to more sinister intruders, cameras act as both a deterrent and an unbiased witness.

Oftentimes the sight of a camera on the front of a house is enough to deter someone from committing a crime. Knowing that they will leave a trail of evidence just by being seen by that device on the wall will tend to make a would-be burglar more likely to think twice, leaving you with your possessions and a feeling of security.

Video Surveillance makes your world more connected.


Checking on your house or business from anywhere on the globe has never been easier and with a camera system installed by Cascadia Electrical Solutions it’s also never been clearer. We only install professional quality high definition equipment that you can access anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

Already have a camera system?

Older color cameras (left) pale in comparison to new HD camera systems (right). Both of these photos were taken from approximately two feet away from the subject. Even at a small distance the old analog camera struggles compared to the new HD camera on the right.

Older cameras have a problem nowadays: If they’re still functional they’re likely antiques. Older camera systems tend to have lower resolutions, grainier pictures, and inefficient night vision. In the past few years great advances have been made in camera technology, making 1080p cameras the standard and bringing the cost of even 4k UHD cameras down to affordable levels. Upgrading your camera system can be a great way to improve the quality of the security you have surrounding your house or business.

Already have a camera system installed? Good news! We can likely upgrade your existing system to a new, 1080p HD camera system for much less than it would take to install a system from scratch by using your existing wiring!